Golden Hour Family Session

Trying to keep it cool over here but these four little angels are my nieces and I just can’t get over how adorable they are 😭😭❤️ I would literally photograph them every day if I could and if it wouldn’t drive them crazy!! 😉

My brother Jesse and his wife Cheryl are some of my favourite people and getting to capture them in their element with their little girls was just a dream come true!! They have such a kind and gentle approach with their children and it’s no surprise that the girls are just too sweet for words! As I was taking individual photos of Miriam, my oldest niece, little Keziah couldn’t help but jump over and clutch Miriam’s skirt to be part of the fun too! It was seriously so cute!

Also, how beautiful are their outfits? Cheryl is a wise woman and totally nailed it with their soft colour palette and beautiful neutrals!! The girls would honestly be adorable in anything but their sweet little light dresses totally bring everything to the next level!

Jesse & Cheryl, you’re so beautiful. Your relationship is beautiful. Your baby girls are beautiful. *Happy sigh* I could go on all day. It was so much fun getting to capture this short & sweet session for you!! Can we please do this all the time??

Enjoy a few of my favourite photos from our day! Much love!!

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