Crisp Autumn Engagement Session

Brad & Cristyn

I deeply desire my write-up for Brad & Cristyn’s engagement session to be just perfect, because these two deserve nothing but the best!! They are very close friends of mine that Andrew and I have seen grow and mature together the past few years, and we are so ecstatic for them to be launching their next adventure together!!

Photographing them was just a dream, as they are both so full of joy and up for anything! They didn’t even flinch when it started HAILING on us mid-session, and happily jumped into my car to outrun the bad weather!!

Brad & Cristyn’s love for each other shines through so strongly. They are the first couple I’ve ever had that literally began jumping up and down in excitement of their upcoming wedding, not to mention they actually SANG to each other while playing guitar! It was pretty swoon-worthy when Brad started singing to Cristyn about how wonderful she is!!  

Brad & Cristyn, you are the sweetest couple ever and Andrew and I are so happy for you!! It has been quite the journey to get here, but your perseverance has certainly paid off! Your pursuit of God and each other is such an encouragement, and we are praying that your desire to grow in those areas never fades. Andrew and I love you both more than we can express!

Enjoy a few of my favourites from your session!

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