Kleskun Hills Grad Session

I absolutely loved photographing this grad session! Kaitlyn is so sweet and she made a great call in bringing along her best friend (and personal assistant 😉) Abby, who also brought so much laughter to the session! Together the three of us made a great team of hair-arranging, skirt-fluffing, mosquito-swatting individuals 😂

Kleskun Hills is already a stunning location but it was SO amplified by Kaitlyn and her amazing dress! It contrasted so perfectly with the epic surroundings and brought that perfect splash of colour! We were also able to take advantage of a photographer’s favourite time of day… golden hour! This shift in lighting happens about one hour before the sun sets and it is such a gorgeous, rich hue to photograph in. Kaitlyn in normal light already looked amazing, but Kaitlyn during golden hour was just breathtaking!!

Kaitlyn, congratulations on achieving this awesome milestone of graduating high school!! I loved getting to meet you and Abby and I am so thrilled that we got to capture this exciting time in your life! I hope that wherever the future takes you, it will be full of joy and love and fulfillment. Take care and congrats again!!

Enjoy a few highlights from our time together!

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