Muskoseepi Summer Engagement

Rodrigo & Mallory

Much to my delight, Mallory is the first bride-to-be I’ve ever had that immediately began climbing a tree as soon as I stopped to take ring shots! 😂 Needless to say, I could instantly tell we were a great fit!! My tree climbing skills have not been put to the test lately, but it’s an ability I mastered at an early age and I loved every minute of it!

Beyond that though, these two are so overflowing with joy and enthusiasm that our time together just flew by! I have never laughed so much during an engagement session in my entire life; my ribs were aching by the end but my heart was so full.

Rodrigo & Mallory, I loved getting to know the two of you so much better during this special time in your lives! Thank you for willingly traipsing all over Muskoseepi Park with me and revealing a glimpse of your love story; I cannot wait to capture even more of it when you become husband & wife next summer!!

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