Sexsmith Fall Family Photos

How sweet is this little family?! Baby Bowen was not 100% convinced this whole thing was a good idea (as you will probably be able to tell from his expressions, lol!) but by the end he was cracking up thanks to the hard work of his parents! We had a super windy day for this session and the leaves were falling like crazy, but you can barely even tell because these three were a dream to work with and made it all look easy ❤️

Something super fun and different about photographing Brad & Rylee & their baby boy is that I had only met them once before, and it was to photograph their house! I distinctly remember walking up to their front door and meeting Rylee for the first time as she was 41 weeks pregnant with Bowen, and since I was 12 weeks along myself we instantly bonded over that! It’s not very common that I hit it off so well with someone selling their home that we end up following up, booking a family session, and then spend the evening together afterwards haha! It really shows what kind of people Brad & Rylee are, both so friendly and hospitable!!

Brad & Rylee, thank you so much for trusting me to capture these sweet memories for you and inviting me into your home!! You have such a beautiful family and I feel very honoured to have gotten to showcase this special time in your lives! It was so lovely getting to spend more time together and talking about all things pregnancy and baby-related. Let’s do it again sometime! 😘

Enjoy a few of my favourites from our time together! ❤️

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