Summer Family Session at Muskoseepi

Daniela, Norm, & Philip

Photographing small children can be extremely unpredictable, but it’s easily one of the most rewarding, hilarious experiences you will ever have! I have so many favourites of little Philip and his hilarious antics that I just had to include in this post! His expressions are seriously the best and had me laughing hard in the moment and while I was editing them!!

It certainly didn’t hurt that Philip was a natural model, even though he definitely had his moments of doubt about the camera lol! Believe it or not, I actually think some of his best smiles happened while he was upside down! He is a bundle of energy, and seeing the pure joy he finds in playing with his mum and dad is too precious. Daniela & Norm are such sweet parents and their love for him and each other was evident around every corner! They were perfectly content to let him collect pine cones for an impressively long time at the end and still managed to conjure up delight whenever he placed his humble offering at their feet! 😉 They are the sort of family I would happily photograph all the time if I could!

Daniela & Norm, it was so lovely to meet you and to get to capture this special time in your lives!! You have such a beautiful family and it was a joy to get to spend time with you! I hope these images serve as a special reminder for many years to come of both the crazy parts and the adorable parts of having a toddler as you continue to raise your little boy!!

Enjoy a few highlights from our time together!

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