Beautiful Extended Family Session

How lovely is this big happy family?! Extended family sessions hold a special place in my heart because they are able to highlight so many important relationships at once, showcasing dynamics between multiple generations that are too sweet not to share!

It definitely doesn’t hurt that, especially with nine siblings myself, I can truly appreciate all the scheduling and coordination that goes into pulling one of these sessions off! It’s quite a feat to coordinate so many work schedules, travelling plans, toddler naps, etc to make it happen, so it is so satisfying when the day finally arrives and everyone shows up looking fantastic! And these guys really knocked it out of the park with the looking fantastic side of things, I am always soooo grateful when people truly embrace the style guide I send them because it makes such a huge difference!! Those neutrals, soft colours, and dressy outfits will work their magic and do you a great service, time and time again!!

Something even more special about THIS specific family session is that they are actually a family I have known from birth! Life took us in different directions when I was only about 3 years old so I wish I could say I had more solid memories of them at that point haha, but our families were close for many years. And then when I grew up, I had the privilege of being one of Kim’s students at Peace River Bible Institute and then eventually serving alongside him on staff! Altogether, we’ve shared tons of connection points over the years that span my entire lifetime. So needless to say, it was a real treat to get them in front of my camera!!

Kim & Kimberly & fam, it was so lovely getting to see you all again!! And to meet the spouses and children for the first time! You have an absolutely beautiful family and I am thrilled we were able to capture these precious memories for you. I hope you all had very safe travels back home and are able to look back on this weekend fondly for many years to come!

Enjoy a few of my favourites from our time together; I can’t wait to finish editing the rest!

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