Cozy Newborn Lifestyle Session

How adorable is this little family? Sweet little baby G was only one week old for these photos, and he was an absolute dream to photograph! These sweet newborn sessions really hit different now that I’m also expecting a baby, and it was so special to get to really embrace that with Rod & Steph during their session. These two are such loving, kind parents already and it was so touching to see how their love shines through in these pictures!

I think they just may have a budding photographer in their midst as well, because little miss P was VERY interested in everything related to my camera 😂 You may notice in a photo or two her reaching out towards me, but I’m sorry to say that it was only to get closer to my equipment, not because she felt any particular attachment towards me personally 🤣

I always like to tell parents of toddlers during a session that it will feel like chaos and like we’re not getting hardly any photos, but I promise we really are!! Their adorable almost-two-year-old daughter was having a hard day so we had to be strategic in how we structured our time together, but with an abundance of sweets (I 100% support bribery for photo sessions lol!) and a lot of being tossed into the air by dad, we were still able to get some real gems!!

Rod & Steph, congratulations on your sweet new baby boy!! You have such a beautiful family and I feel so honoured that you invited me into your home to capture these precious moments together! Your babies may not understand yet how lucky they are to have you two as parents, but I sure do!!

Enjoy a few of my favourites from our time together ❤️

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