Blossom Family Photos

While I do love taking candid, spur-of-the-moment photos of my family (and extended family) whenever I have the chance, it’s not often I get the opportunity to OFFICIALLY photograph them while everyone’s all dressed up and ready for a full-length session! 🥳 My husband’s brother David had the good sense to marry Maddy and give us a whole new family unit to love, and this is her beautiful family that I got to photograph with their very own gorgeous tree!

Jenn & Tyler moved into this lovely home almost exactly a year ago, and this was their FIRST ever spring getting to enjoy these amazing blossoms on their front lawn! When Jenn first told me about a blossoming tree on their lawn I was envisioning some sort of bush, so you can imagine my joy and delight when she showed me a picture and I realized that THIS was the tree!! I’m lowkey hoping this session inspires other people to plan their photo sessions specifically around their tree blossoms haha because that would make me so happy!

And now, let me tell you a true story about this session and why I’m extra grateful that I’m related to them so they took it really well… my baby daughter, who had come along for the session, had a sixth sense that uncle David’s blue shirt (while very nice) was just not the best he had to offer. So when uncle David came within very convenient range of her while she happened to be extremely upset, she promptly threw up all over him 🤣😭 I was mortified but David took it like a champ and ran home to quickly change into what I easily think is the best shirt he owns, so really it was a win in the end, right?! Thankfully everyone was amazing and we took a quick break to clean up the baby and then we were right back at it! 😆

You’ll probably be able to tell right away from the amazing glow through the tree, but my fam was completely on board to photograph this session during golden hour and man oh man, did it pay off 😍 Blossoms are always gorgeous on their own but coupled with that incredible glowy light, they are just perfect!! Not to mention that they totally killed it with their coordinating outfits (bless you Jenn for caring about the style guide 🙏), so I think we can all agree the overall effect is breathtaking.

Jenn, Tyler, David, Maddy, Kyana, and Wyatt… you guys are the cutest 😘 and way too much fun!! I could photograph you literally all the time and not get tired of it. Thank you for being so flexible and gracious when Avelina had other plans for David’s wardrobe 😂 I am SO thrilled to have gotten to capture these precious moments with you. Andrew and I love you all!!

Enjoy a few of my favourite images from your beautiful session!

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