Breathtaking Forest Family Session

Wow. How stunning is this sweet family?! If all my clients showed up dressed like this, I would definitely die a happy woman!! Baby Arlie was only 5 weeks old during this session and although she had a few upsets, overall she did so well and Zoë was amazing at going with the flow and embracing all the happy moments with her ❤️

Alex & Zoë’s family session was filled with giggles, dandelions, baby squawks, and four-leaf clovers and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I always tell my families that it will feel like chaos in the moment as the children enjoy being children during our session, BUT we still always end up with a ton of winning photos even if that’s hard to believe! Often, the candid moments that happen when the children are allowed to play and explore and engage with their family on their own terms end up being some of the very best images, and that special connection is exactly what I’m there to capture ❤️

I seriously can’t get over how beautifully well-coordinated, soft, and light their entire wardrobe look was! Alex & Zoë and their children are a perfect example of why I’m a strong believer in sending out a style guide to my clients before the session! It doesn’t always end up playing a big role in how people choose their outfits, but Zoë really took it to heart and boy oh boy did it pay off!! So for everyone else out there, I promise that your outfits really do make a massive difference and you will be thanking yourself for being intentional with them!!

Alex & Zoë, thank you so much for having me out to your beautiful property and trusting me with these precious moments as a family of 5!! You have such a gorgeous family and it was a huge privilege getting to capture these for you! Let’s do it again sometime 😉

Enjoy a few of my favourites from our time together!

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