Gorgeous Airport Engagement

Clayton & Emma

What more can I say about this gorgeous couple!

Clayton & Emma grew up only minutes apart from each other, but they didn’t really start to properly know each other until they were adults and began attending the same Bible study. For many years prior to their dating relationship, Emma had declared that she would never get married, but Clayton wasted no time in changing her perspective on that! It was a little bit nerve-wracking for us to find out the day before the proposal that she had often declared that in the past, so we were doubly relieved night-of when Clayton gave us the thumb’s up that she had said yes! 😉

The night before Clayton proposed to Emma, we did a thorough walk-through around the location and decided exactly where I should hide, what angles to set up the chairs, and all those last-minute details that contributed to making their proposal so special! After that preparation, Clayton excitedly took us to the local airport where he is currently in the process of earning his pilot’s license. As soon as I saw it, there was no doubt in my mind that we needed to use it for their engagement session photos!! It’s not every day you get to push an airplane into position to your heart’s content! Yet another tie-in with that airport is that Clayton is training under a seasoned flight instructor… Emma’s grandfather! It was so fun to find out all the connections these two have from growing up in the same community.

So many meaningful details were included throughout this session! The bench down by the water is where Clayton asked Emma out on one of their very first dates, the featured aircraft belongs to Emma’s grandfather, and Clayton MADE Emma’s engagement ring himself! So much intentionality went into this session, and I couldn’t agree more with Emma when she noted that the end result reflects them so well!

Clayton & Emma, once again you were such a joy to photograph! Your willingness to try anything and to have fun throughout our time together made everything so enjoyable, and I am so happy to have been able to capture the love you two have for each other. I hope you love these images as much as I loved photographing them!!

Enjoy a few of my favourites from your stunning session!

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