Surprise River Proposal

Clayton & Emma

When my husband, Andrew, and I showed up “unexpectedly” at Clayton’s hometown, bursting at the seams with excitement to meet his girlfriend Emma, she had no idea that there was a whole lot more in store for her that day! She was almost in disbelief that Clayton had arranged everything for us to come over, all while successfully managing to keep our arrival a secret from her!

“Wow, I can’t believe Clayton surprised me so well!!” she exclaimed. “Clayton almost NEVER successfully surprises me!”

Little did she know that we were merely a diversion… the REAL surprise was that she was getting engaged that night!! And Clayton had hired me to hide in the bushes and capture it for them! But first, we had to play it chill and pretend that nothing else was happening!

It was so special getting to finally meet Emma after hearing so much about her. Clayton is a dear friend of ours and is very close to our hearts, so when he called me up to ask if I would come meet Emma for the first time and capture this monumental occasion in their lives, I knew we were in for an amazing weekend! Emma was even more sweet, adventurous, kind, & beautiful than everyone had told us she was, which is pretty incredible because everyone we knew raved about her! It made the proposal even more meaningful and sweet to us once we had the chance to see just how wonderful Clayton’s future bride truly is!!

Clayton had thoughtfully picked out such a lovely environment for asking one of the most important questions of his life: A beautifully decorated dock right on the Nechako River, complete with dinner and chocolate covered strawberries! Night-of, they were even brave enough to dance on the slightly precarious dock, all while enjoying a playlist Clayton had created of their favourite songs. And then, with their favourite songs playing, the gentle movement of the dock beneath them, and twinkling lights surrounding their little haven, Clayton got down on one knee. I think you’ll be able to see for yourself how beautifully touching Emma’s reaction was!

Clayton & Emma, we love you very much and are so thrilled to have gotten to be a part of this journey with you! All our hilarious escapades and deep conversations are something that we will cherish forever, and we are so excited for your wedding next year!!

Enjoy a few of my favourites from your proposal!

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