Gorgeous Fall Couples Session

Wow! Could these two be any more stunning? I may be biased because they are my friends but I’m not kidding when I say that this is probably one of my very favourite sessions to date because these guys totally blew me out of the water 😍

Josiah & Caitlyn’s session was a perfect example of how locations can be surprising, and with great light and some strategic planning you can make even a church parking lot look like Narnia! 😄 This parking lot may not have seemed overly glamorous when we rolled up to it, but once I had flipped around the camera to show them the results they were totally sold! I so appreciate that they trusted me to pick a location based on light & those beautiful leaves, and not on the RVs parked right across the fence 😂

Their outfits were absolutely to die for; I asked Caitlyn ahead of time if I could be super involved in the wardrobe process and she was totally on board! She even went out and bought a dress SPECIFICALLY to fit the colour palette, which was such a blessing 😭 Light tones & pastel colours are a DREAM for photographers with a light & airy style and I think you can tell why based on these pictures!! They photograph so gorgeously! It can seriously elevate the entire feel and look of the images to put light & pastel colours in front of the camera!

It was also perfect that it was super sunny that day so we were able to really take advantage of golden hour! You can still take gorgeous photos when it’s cloudy outside (and sometimes it’s even easier to because you can face more directions then), but when it comes to backlighting you need a sunny evening to get that beautiful glow!

Josiah & Caitlyn, I appreciate you both so much and am so thrilled that we were able to capture these stunning moments together!! You are such a beautiful couple and Andrew and I are both so blessed to call you our friends! I am super excited to send you the full gallery soon with all of your final images!!

Enjoy a few of my favourites from our time together!

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