O’Brien Park Couples Photos

How beautiful are these two lovebirds?! Kayla (from Kayla Lynn Photography!) is so often the one behind the camera and not in front of it that when the opportunity arose for me to capture these photos for her and her boyfriend Thomas, I knew that we needed to make it happen!! I’ve had the privilege of getting so many precious images of me and Andrew from Kayla over the years so it was super special to get to turn the tables this time!

Kayla and I have been friends for years and quickly discovered that we’re ACTUALLY basically twins, since not only are we both light & airy photographers running our own businesses at a young age BUT we also share the same birthday!! Parent trap vibes, anyone?! 😉 Just kidding we weren’t born the same year so that doesn’t quite work, but it is still crazy to us that we were both born on Valentine’s Day! That probably explains why we’re both obsessed with celebrating and photographing love; from the very beginning we were basically destined to be love experts 😂 So we may not actually be twins but we do get mistaken for sisters a lot when we’re out and about together, which is super fun!

Kayla & Thomas, it was a joy getting to capture these precious moments for you!! You are such a sweet couple inside and out and it was so much fun getting to hang out and chase the sunset together! I hope you always cherish this special time in your lives as you reflect on your relationship and how far you’ve come as a couple over the years! ❤️

Enjoy a few of my favourites from our time together!

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