Winter Family Session

Time is so tricksy these days; I swear it wasn’t that long ago that I had the privilege of photographing 5 of the 6 Wideman family members for a session, so I was pretty shocked when I realized it had already been a year and a half! Crazy! It was awesome to have all 6 of them this time though as both their sons were able to join us for this session! Last time we got to have a beautiful fall session with bright colours, and now we’ve happily knocked a “Winter Wonderland” session off the bucket list 😉

Already I hardly recognize this landscape, because in the last couple of weeks spring has really come forth! But we were still very much in the middle of winter for this session. While it wasn’t -30 and we were deeply grateful for that, it was still definitely not for the faint of heart and these guys were absolute troopers! It was pretty hilarious to watch the “wardrobe crew” (which was anyone not currently in front of the camera) work their magic by throwing off a person’s winter gloves, hat, and coat in record time and pushing them in front of the camera when it was their turn 😂 Not to mention singing Disney songs uproariously in the background to bring out the real smiles! This session was definitely a full-team effort to bring everything to fruition and I think you can tell we had a lot of fun!!

Wideman Family, it was so lovely getting to capture this winter session for you!! I say we just keep this up until we’ve taken family sessions in every season, lol! 😉 You have such a fun and beautiful crew and it was just a joy to see you all again and photograph these special moments. I hope you are always able to look back on these photos with happiness and fond memories!

Enjoy a few of my favourites from our time together!

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