Beautiful BC Wedding

Brad & Cristyn

There are not enough words to properly describe the joy I have for Brad & Cristyn as they embark on their new adventure of being husband & wife! Even before their gorgeous wheatfield engagement session, we had been eagerly anticipating their wedding day for a long time! So to get to be with them during this incredible milestone was such a blessing.

We know how difficult it was for them both when the news came that their wedding day was going to look drastically different than they had originally hoped, but they did a wonderful job of honouring their family and friends regardless of whether they were able to be there in person or had to participate through technology. So much love from all over the country was pouring in for these two newlyweds!

My husband, Andrew, and I both first met Brad at Bible college when all three of us were selected to be on the five-person touring drama team. Being squished into a van for two weeks straight at the end of the school year with your fellow actors is a guaranteed way to either make close friends or enemies for life, and we were blessed enough that all five of us came away as very close friends! As she and Brad began developing a deeper relationship, it wasn’t long before Cristyn also stepped into our circle and into our hearts! Their friendship has been a place of heartfelt encouragement, deep conversations, and support for both Andrew and myself. Together with them we have walked through some very difficult times, but those have only served to strengthen our friendship as we pulled through to the other side!

The night before their wedding, the weather forecast for the next day was for thunderstorms all afternoon; but we (and as many people as we could recruit!) spent much time on our knees praying for good weather! It rained the entire morning of the wedding, but just minutes before their ceremony began, the rain stopped!! And we had beautiful weather ALL AFTERNOON for the entirety of their wedding portraits! God is good!

Brad & Cristyn’s whole day was so seeped in their love for each other, their family & friends, and God. Prayer was a foundation for the day, they incorporated communion into their wedding ceremony, and together they sang a worship song for us at their intimate reception. It was so clear that Jesus is at the center of their hearts and relationship! Their desire to bless each other and serve God together was so encouraging, and we know it will serve them so well in the years to come.

Brad & Cristyn, God has amazing things in store for you as a couple! We couldn’t stop hugging you on your wedding day for good reason; we both just love you so much and we want you to know that no matter where life takes us, we stand behind you. We count ourselves truly blessed that you are in our lives!

Enjoy a few of my favourites from your beautiful day!

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