Spring Blossom Maternity Session

Jesse & Andrea

Jesse & Andrea are one of those couples that you just can’t help wanting to be around, because they are so much fun! I had the privilege of attending college with both Jesse & Andrea several years ago, as well as getting to work with Jesse for a couple years after that at the same college! While we were students, I clearly remember the day they got engaged and the excitement that spread throughout the campus as everyone retold the tale of how Jesse had managed to surprise Andrea by proposing in an escape room, after she had declared that she was almost impossible to surprise!

A little later, I had the privilege of working with Jesse and it was such an enjoyable experience getting to serve with him on the “other side” of the school we had just graduated from! Many current students have told me how much they appreciate having Jesse on staff and how helpful he has been for them to talk to, and I know that that reveals only a small sample of the impact Jesse has made on the school. Andrea has been right in the action with him, too, as she has continued to be involved with the school as an alumnus! In the midst of all this, years after the first buzz from their engagement had drifted through the halls, there was once again a buzz on campus when they announced that they were expecting their first baby!

Jesse & Andrea, I have complete confidence that you will be wonderful parents and that you will pour your hearts into it just as you do with the other areas of your life! I hope you always know how valued and appreciated you are and that you will be able to deeply experience the love and support of your community during this exciting time. May God bless you richly as you embark on this new adventure!

Enjoy a few of my favourites from your session!

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