Sunflower Field Wedding

David & Taibryn

It is so special to know people at the weddings I photograph, and this weekend I had the privilege of knowing many of them!! Not only did the groom, David, and his family spend years and years at the same Bible camp that I did, but so did the best man Tim’s family! Anthony and Becky have been featured on this blog before and it was SO fun to have them at this wedding too, since they are very close friends of ours and actually live and work full-time at Salem Acres Bible Camp, where I first met David’s family! Anthony had the privilege of performing the ceremony and he knocked it out of the park. It was such a meaningful celebration of marriage!

For those who have already recognized these two from their intimate wedding ceremony back in June, you are correct if you are wondering if they were already married before this weekend! This August date was the day they originally planned to get married, but with the uncertainty of Covid and the desire to just tie the knot, they ended up having a June mini wedding first instead!! Since David & Taibryn have actually already been married for a couple months now, this original wedding date subtly transformed into a celebration of the marriage they already have together, which was really cool to see!

Having that shared history of years at summer camp together, it was so lovely to get to see so many friendly and familiar faces amongst the guests and to get to reconnect with people I haven’t seen in years! Hearing them share funny stories about the bride & groom and showering love and blessings on them all day was so meaningful and special. They are certainly very, very loved by their families and friends!

The entire bridal party was so much fun too and such troopers; even when the winds were CRAZY and a rainstorm hit us out of nowhere, they were super flexible and willing to still try to do whatever we could! Even though it wasn’t exactly what we had hoped for, I like to think that all of us running through a sunflower field in the rain with our umbrellas will one day be a great memory to look back on haha!!

The wind and sudden rain were so crazy that we only had 4 minutes with the bride & groom in the sunflower field before it assailed us again, but I am SO happy we still took advantage of those few minutes!! Those pictures are easily some of my very favourites and made our trek to the Willms Sunflower Farm totally worth it!

David & Taibryn, it was such an honour to get to photograph your beautiful celebration!! Congratulations again on your marriage! You make such a sweet couple and I am excited to see where life takes you. I hope you always remember how it feels to be head-over-heels for each other, no matter how long you’ve been married! God bless you both!

Enjoy a few highlights from your beautiful day!


Makeup: Angela Moody

Flowers: Flowers By Charene

Sunflower Venue: Willms Sunflower Farm

Rentals: Systems by Trail, Flowers By Charene

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